Yes, That's Halle Berry Under All Those Collagen Masks

"Here I come Christmas."

Halle Berry
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Halle Berry isn't afraid to be recognized. She's a star, after all. But when it comes to her beauty routine, a bit of anonymity is required—if only because she's a big fan of face-covering products.

On Sunday, December 24, the 57-year-old took to Instagram to share her Christmas Eve skincare routine, which consisted entirely of collagen masks from the celeb-loved brand Knesko Skin. Freshly bathed with her hair in a towel, she relaxed while letting her mask choices—the brand's metallic Nano Gold Repair Collagen Face Mask and purple Amethyst Hydrate Lip Mask—do their job.

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A true professional, the Catwoman actress triple-tasked the beauty routine, wearing all three components of the product at the same time. "Here I come Christmas," she captioned her photo, adding a prayer emoji before tagging Knesko. "Sexy," joked Taraji P. Henson in her comments section.

"You’ve never looked better!" added film makeup artist Norma Patton-Lowin, prompting a reply from Berry herself. "These masks are the truth ….right ?!" she wrote alongside some laughing emojis.

Berry previously discussed her love for Knesko during an exclusive interview with Marie Claire.

"For skincare, I love Knesko, Olga Lorencin—she's been my aesthetician for over 25 years—and Ole Henriksen," she shared, noting that she doesn't think she has a "signature look" (besides gorgeous skin, of course).

"I know that I’ve steered toward a more natural look. I have realized that less is more and less is best when you're going down that path of life. So I've gotten in touch with just taking care of my skin, staying healthy, exercising, and going down my natural path," the Oscar winner added. "I wear very little makeup these days, other than when I'm going out to an event or something like that, but even then, I try to keep it as natural as possible. And in real life, I'm kind of makeup-free these days, I think it's been working for me."

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