Harry Styles Is Entering the World of Fragrance

The three scents will be available in October.

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We all know that Harry Styles’ world tastes like strawberries on a summer evening… but what does it smell like? On Monday, new broke that the pop star’s Pleasing cosmetics line would be expanding its offerings to include fragrance. And with the impending launch of three sex-themed (!) scents, fans will finally be able to wear their heart on their pulse points.

Set to launch in October, Pleasing’s first foray into the world of fragrance will feature three skus: Closeness, Rivulets, and Bright, Hot. The brand originally teased the launch in August when they included fragrance sample cards in orders of their Big Lip Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Balm, each bearing a fragrance name and scent description. 

The note accompanying the Rivulets sample read: “A delightful encounter with a stranger. Strolling, wandering, floating like tiny specks caught dancing in the slanting light of an unfamiliar room. Time suspends, the space remains constant, the center of an old world, new again.” Bright, Hot talked about a nap under the sun that ends with a “midday reverie,” while Closeness referenced “a brush, a touch, a whispered ‘yes’” and “skin pressed against skin.”

A bit bemusing, sure. But who cares? It’s Harry Styles perfume. 


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In a statement to The Business of Beauty, Pleasing’s chief executive, Shaun Kearney, called the launch the beginning of a complete “olfactory universe” for the brand. “Being a brand that is deeply rooted in the exploration of color, emotional storytelling and sensory experiences…it is a strategic move for us to expand into this category,” Kearney shared.

Pleasing was officially introduced in 2021, quickly becoming defined by the psychedelic, cartoon-ish graphics that accompany every product. Since its inception, the nail polish brand has expanded into skincare and makeup, as well as (often sold out) merch. 

In all honesty, it’s great that Styles is finally launching some fragrance(s) of his own. For years, his fans have lusted over his reported favorite perfume, Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille. Classics are classics for a reason, but sold-out stadiums are about to smell a whole lot more interesting.

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