Jennifer Aniston on Blending Her Coffee, Mental Health Touch Bases With Reese Witherspoon, and Daily Meditation

“I’m obsessed with wellness, obviously.”

jennifer aniston drinking coffee
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Jennifer Aniston is the first to admit that she has a bit of a love affair with wellness, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that her The Morning Show co-star Reese Witherspoon hits her up for advice. “Reese definitely loves to sit down with me and ask about different wellness [trends], because I’m obsessed with wellness, obviously,” the Friends alum exclusively tells Marie Claire. “I’m always keen on what the new this is or the new that is, so I find Reese always saddling up to me saying, ‘What the next thing? What’s the newest thing? What are we doing?’” 

While Aniston could easily go off about her ingenious technique for getting a health fix in her morning coffee (more on that later) or lay out her daily workout routine, she tells the Big Little Lies star, who is the “most hardworking young lady,” to simply take a beat. “I always say to her, ‘You work too hard, you need to slow down.’ And she’s like, ‘I know I do. What do I need to do to better myself?’ I say, ‘First of all, you need to slow down!’” 

It’s advice that Aniston also practices in her daily life. In the last three years, she’s made sure to carve out a little more me-time. “Meditation is majorly important, moving my body, drinking water, and getting sleep—those are the basics,” the Just Go With It star says. “And obviously being mindful of what you put in your body.” 

The latter starts bright and early. She puts a healthy spin on her coffee. She mixes her morning cup with a splash of low-fat milk (sometimes almond milk, she’s working on it), Stevia, cinnamon, which is a great antioxidant, and of course Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. “Then I blend it. I get my milk hot and then I have one of those little blenders and get it all frothy. With cinnamon, it just tastes completely different. It’s super yummy.” 

As for the rest of her day? She strives for a well-balanced diet (read: healthy fats, leafy greens, lean proteins) and adds in a little sweet fix with her just-launched Vital Proteins Bars, which she created with the brand. While she’s currently obsessing over the Cold Brew Coffee flavor, she loves the Dark Chocolate Coconut and Peanut Butter Fudge equally as much. “I thought, why not take advantage of getting your collagen powder, but also adding additional nutrients: the lion’s mane, the mushrooms, the matcha powder … We just sort of perfected it and now we’ve got these three great flavors.”

Samantha Holender
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