Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Makeup Referenced Her Own Halftime Show Performance

Her 2017 look lives on.

Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl in 2017
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Lady Gaga wasn't performing at the Super Bowl LVIII, but she still caught fans' attention. Sporting a San Francisco 49ers jacket, Gaga sat with her boyfriend, Michael Polansky, as they watched the game. But the pop superstar's elaborate eye makeup look stole the show—it appeared to be a callback to the makeup she wore while performing at the Super Bowl in 2017.

During her performance seven years ago, Gaga sported shimmery purple eyeshadow and a crystal-studded mask over each eye. Her makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, shared a closeup of the look on Instagram at the time. And, tellingly, Tanno reposted the photo before the 2024 kickoff, hinting at what was to come when Gaga showed up in Las Vegas.

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Lady Gaga watches the Super Bowl with her boyfriend

Lady Gaga's dramatic eye makeup defined her Super Bowl look.

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As Allure reported at the time, Gaga's 2017 Super Bowl look included crystal eye decals that the pop star removed partway into her performance. It's not clear whether or not Tanno employed the same technique for Gaga's eye look this year (after all, she didn't need to make any lightning-fast costume changes this time around). But the inspiration behind the crystal-heavy look is clear.

The memory of Gaga's halftime show performance, which included incredible aerial stunts, lives on. This year, though, Gaga was happy to watch the game from the sidelines.

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