Is This Lindsay Lohan's Best Glam of All Time?

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Lindsay Lohan
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I was born in the late '90s, which mostly means Lindsay Lohan has been my beauty icon forever. From her Parent Trap ear piercings to her Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen highlights, I used to dream about getting whatever the teen icon had going on, aesthetically. Now that we're both a little older, nothing has changed. In fact, I'm even more enchanted.

On Friday, January 12, the 37-year-old shared an Instagram post showing off what I might argue is her best glam of all time. Promoting her upcoming rom-com, Irish Wish, the new mom rocked perfectly waved long red hair, a peachy lip, and a subtly smoky eye that made her her green eyes glow.

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"Irish Wish Coming out soon!" wrote Lohan in the post, tagging her glam team (including hairstylist Danielle Priano, nail artist Elle Gerstein, and makeup artist Kristofer Buckle).

According to Buckle, inspiration for the look came from the "peach fuzz" Pantone trend, "but was supported by deeper cocoa to add shape and definition to the eyes."

Somehow, the magic combination makes Lohan's eyes look greener than ever before, with her mile-long lashes only helping the situation. For the lips and cheeks, Buckle went full-peach, opting for a subtle-yet-lovely dose of blush and a lipstick with a slight sheen.

When I was finally able to break away from the new mom's face (she's wearing a necklace that says Luai in honor of her son) and continue my gaze down the photo, I was met with a truly great, glossy, denim-colored manicure. Gerstein shared that they used the color "I'm On Sapphire" from Artistic Nail Design to get the look, which was chosen to go "against the norm."

"I love a dusty navy. It gives high style that compliments so many textures and fabrics with its creme bold blue," the artist tells Marie Claire. "We used this for multiple occasions, because it makes its own statement."

Again, swoon.

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