These Insanely Pretty Mermaid Lashes Are About to Take Over Your Insta Feed

Not a drill.

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In case you've missed it, it's officially the year of mythical-creature beauty, namely in the form of mermaids. We're talkin' oceanic mermaid hair, glitter-flecked mermaid makeup, rhinestone-studded mermaid nails, and, just when you thought you couldn't try the trend on any other part of your body, the internet has brought forth mermaid eyelashes. Yup.

If your first thought was, "Hey, I didn't know mermaids had lashes! I didn't know mermaids were real at all!" Then yeah, we're right there with you. But according to our social feeds, these multi-colored eyelashes are an accurate representation of mermaid eyes, in all of their colorful, rainbow-level, ombré glory. And yes, they're officially trending.

The lashes, which look like an incredibly intricate dye job, have been popping up on Instagram over the last few weeks, proving that the mermaid life is not, in fact, dead. And honestly, based on how weirdly pretty these lashes are, we're pretty damn fine with it.


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But lest you think you need to get a tiny dye kit out and paint your lashes, don't worry—these lashes are actually just extensions and falsies. And though you can get them professionally applied at a few salons, like Envious Lashes in New York City, which specializes in mermaid-inspired lash extensions, according to PopSugar, you can also copy the look at home by painting over just the tips of your lashes with a mix of our favorite colored mascaras, or by cutting a strip of colored false lashes in half, like the Ardell Color Impact Lashes BUY IT, and gluing them just to the outer thirds of your lashes for a subtle mermaid effect.

It won't necessarily give you the exact same ombré effect of the mermaid lash extensions, but hey, they're cheaper, easier, and way less of a time commitment. Either way, though, we're digging the trend, and we're pretty sure you will, too, after you check out these inspo shots, ahead.

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