Kim Kardashian Shows Off a New Neutral Makeup Style and Looks Like a Totally Different Person

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  • In her Instagram feed yesterday, Kim Kardashian West gave a potential sneak peek of new makeup with a very fresh-faced look that changes up her whole vibe.
    • Her makeup artist called it "'90s neutral" and shows Kim in a beige, skintight bodysuit.

        Kim Kardashian West is known for her dramatic, eye-catching makeup looks (she does, after all, have several lines that bear her brand name, so that makes sense), but yesterday she debuted a fresh-faced look her makeup artist deemed "90s neutral," and it is a totally different look for her. I'd go so far as to say I nearly didn't recognize her when this popped up in my feed, but I totally dig it.

        I dunno what it is, but she looks totally different to me. Is it just the angle, combined with her new bob framing her face perfectly? Yet in recent snaps taken at the White House (above), she's got the same haircut. I'm pretty sure it's the lighter (but still thick) brows, lighter lipstick, and toned down eye makeup. Granted, it's still a full face of makeup—no shade!—but relatively speaking, this is a really chic and easy-breezy look that I quite like. I hope she keeps it.

        The lewk was apparently achieved by makeup artist Mary Phillips, who posted the same photo and gave us a product breakdown: "KKW eye palette in classics, KKW lip liners in 1.5 and 2.5 with 2.5 creme lipstick in nude honey, KKW blush in flower wall."

        Kim also posted the photo with the caption "Can’t wait for you to see #ComingSoon." So chances are she's wearing something that she's about to debut, in terms of a new palette or line. Maybe it's her new collaboration with Winnie Harlow? Winnie did comment on the below post, so signs are good.

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        Big fan!

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