Rihanna Is Dropping Her Own Highlighter—and the Internet Is Rightfully Freaking Out

Marie Antoinette would approve.

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Rihanna and highlighter...Name a more iconic duo. We'll wait.

At this point, it's gospel truth that Rihanna is unrivaled in the celebrity beauty space. Anything she or her makeup artist Mylah Morales puts on her face—no matter how off-kilter the shade or unapologetically popping the finish—we want on ours. This, knowing full well that it's physically impossible to rock it as well as RiRi does with her perpetual glow and swagger.

So naturally when news hit that she was launching her own beauty line, Fenty Beauty, we freaked out. In an ultra-saturated market, this wasn't going to be just any famous-faced-endorsed line.

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During a recent appearance for her Fenty x Puma line in L.A., she revealed to an inquiring fan that the highlighter she was wearing was, in fact, her own. "It's a secret...until September," she told them.

As the images from the event prove, the iridescent pearl pigment (which was blended into the singer's outer eye area along the eye socket and upper temple) is the stuff of strobed dreams and played beautifully off her shimmery pastel green shadow. If Marie Antoinette were to reach for a highlighter in 2017, or in the 1700s for that matter, it would be this. (PS. Did we mention we have Fenty Beauty promo codes available?)

But as excited as we are for the highlighter to drop, we're kind of devastated we can't bathe our half halos in it all summer long. To bide the time until September, we'll be dissecting every single one of RiRi's future face beats for more clues of what's to come. Her appearance at tonight's Met Gala has yet to be confirmed, but consider out fingers crossed.

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