Margot Robbie's Golden Globes 2024 Manicure Was Inspired by Plastic Doll Hands

Nails in plastic, they're fantastic.

Margot Robbie Manicure
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At this point in the game, Margot Robbie isn't just reminiscent of Barbie when she appears on the red carpet, she is Barbie—from her outfits to her hair and, now, her plastic-inspired nails.

While attending the 2024 Golden Globes on Sunday, January 7, the 33-year-old showed off a short, plain manicure that, at first glance, looked incredibly boring. (Especially when paired with her hot pink custom Armani gown, inspired by 1977 Superstar Barbie.) However! Her nail artist, Betina R. Goldstein, says the nails' simplicity was entirely on purpose.

"For Margot’s nails I wanted them to blend in with her skin to create the illusion of Barbie doll hands," wrote the manicurist on Instagram. Genius.

Margot Robbie Manicure

(Image credit: @betina_goldstein on Instagram)

So, what kind of nail polish does Barbie use? Usually, whatever is in your mom's cupboard and guaranteed to make the biggest mess. But this time, Chanel.

"I used 1 coat of CHANEL La Base to smooth the nail bed, followed by 1 coat of CHANEL Le Vernis in 103 - LÉGENDE then 1 coat of CHANEL Le Vernis in 175 - SKIEUSE. Finished with 2 coats of Le Vernis Le Gel Top Coat for protection and shine," shared Goldstein. "Using Chanel Le Vernis Legende as the base color gave the nails a beige depth, while Chanel Le Vernis Skieuse added a sheer hint of pink, making her nails blend with her skin tone to create that Barbie doll hand effect."

To prep Robbie's hands, the manicurist used the brand's Sublimage Purifying and Radiance-Revealing Vanilla Seed Face Scrub to exfoliate away dead skin, followed by Sublimage La Crème and a few drops of Le Blanc Huile Creator Oil to give that flawless, plastic-y shine.

"I love the thought and attention to detail this TEAM puts in. Perfection," wrote a fan in the comments of Goldstein's post.

This Barbie is a winner. And her mani is, too.

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