10 Real Men Share Their Pre-Sex Beauty Rituals

Everything you didn't know, and several things you never wanted to.

Last month, we rounded up pre-sex beauty rituals from 11 real women. Things we learned: nighttime smoky eye makes for morning sexy eye, hydration is the key to a good makeout session, and there is no end to the power of the hair flip.

This month, we spoke to 10 men about what they get up to pre-sex, and it was, um, educational. And slightly confounding.

Here we go:

"I take a shower and make sure I have good underwear on that isn't ripped up. I also trim all of my pubic hair...and maybe use tweezers to pluck the hair on the tip of my nose." — J.S.

"Shower daily? There's nothing I do right before. Sex for men isn't as much of a decision as something we stumble upon happily, but don't really know how we got there. Society doesn't really expect much from us." — J.M.

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"I make sure I'm not wearing destroyed underwear." —H.M.

"Take a shower. Trim the pubic area. Wear deodorant. That's about it. Maybe comb my hair. Also make sure I don't have any long hair coming from my ears or nose. Maybe do some light knuckle trimming. Depends on the girl." — H.O.

"Pretty much would just jerk off and take a shower. Make sure I have good shoes, a shirt that shows my tattoos, and fitted jeans." — C.T.

"Pre-emptive masturbation. I rub one out in the bar/restaurant bathroom before heading to the final destination. This is a gamble on improved stamina, with the risk of killing boner potential." — D.M.

"I once had a romantic encounter in my college years in which a girl complemented both the volume and taste of my semen. This has only happened once in my life, but has sustained me for years. Celery and pineapple are rumored to increase the amount and improve the flavor of semen, respectively, and I have been known to snack on both before a date." — O.L.

"I rub essential oils on my balls." — F.K.

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"Basically just cut my nails so there aren't any snag moments." — P.G.

"I make sure to shower using unscented soap in case the person has any skin allergies. Then I floss and use a tongue scraper so my tongue isn't all white." — A.O.

If this list doesn't put you in the mood to have sex, nothing will. (Just kidding, we get it.)

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