Exclusive: Kylie Jenner on Her Sold-Out Lip Kit, Kiss-Proofing Her Pout, and Sleeping in Her Makeup

Seven minutes with the world's most famous 18-year-old.

Kylie Jenner
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If you're about to make the acquaintance of Kylie Jenner, we recommend giving yourself no less than two hours to get ready. Otherwise, you might find yourself viciously scrubbing off your shoddy cat eyes and taking a fifth stab at your rookie contour ten minutes after you were supposed to be out the door. (Oops.)

I learned as much scrambling to get to the launch party for Jenner's hotly-anticipated, mercilessly-teased Lip Kit, which two hours prior had sold out in 30 seconds, breaking the internet à la Kim and leaving her ride-or-die following in an angry tizzy. 

Coming in three colors, Candy K (pink nude), Dolce K ('90s light brown), and Pure Brown (dark chocolate), the matte liquid lipstick and matching lip liner duos come inside a grill-emblazoned package that costs $29, but at present can only be yours if you have Kylizzle on speed dial or a cool $1,150 to burn on eBay

Thankfully, when Jenner arrived for her fête at DASH in Beverly Hills looking impossibly cool sporting a new jade green wig, Candy K lips, and a crisp, all-white getup, she came bearing good news: her signature product would be replenished in due time, i.e. before Christmas. 

In between easing our lip-kit-induced anxieties, hitting the photobooth with her immaculately-contoured squad, and shopping with Caitlyn Jenner who popped by midway through the soirée, Kylie had some time to chat. From getting down to business in the beauty lab to the perfect soundtrack for each of her three shades, here's what she told me as I tried my very best not to gawk at just how ridiculously double-tap-worthy she is IRL.

Marie Claire: So, your Lip Kit line sold out in 30 seconds. Did you see that coming?

Kyle Jenner: Honestly, I didn't see that coming at all. Our site kind of crashed, but it's so amazing—and I'm so surprised when stuff like that happens. My fans and followers are so amazing.

MC: As far as launching your own beauty line, why did you want to start with lips?

KJ: Lips are kind of like my thing and I've always been obsessed with lipstick and lip liner. I just always went to lip liner to overline my lips and I feel like I was really known for that. I can't walk out of my house without my lipstick!

MC: What was your experience creating these lip colors in the beauty lab?

KJ: It was so much fun. This is something I'm really passionate about so I wanted to be totally involved. So visiting the factories and just seeing how everything is made was really interesting. The whole process was so cool.

MC: When it came to test-driving the kit, which family members loved what shades?

KJ: I feel like my family is always about the neutrals, but Khloé would definitely be the one to try the Pure Brown.

MC: It's a dilemma many women are faced with—how do you rock a statement lip when you know you're going to be kissed?

KJ: Yeah, that's kind of hard, but I think you always have to have more in your bag and always keep checking and reapplying. I usually always wear pink, so sometimes I'll forget when I'm wearing a brown or red or something. And I'll look in the mirror and be like, "Oh my god. No one told me my lipstick is so messed up right now!" But you just always have to have it with you.

MC: And have your squad looking out for you?

KJ: Exactly.

MC: If you could choose a song as a soundtrack for each shade, what would they be?

KJ: I feel like Dolce is more moody, so I'd probably do Bryson Tiller. Candy K would be old Destiny's Child. And for Pure Brown it would be "Here" by Alessia Cara.

MC: We Shazam every track you play on the radio station on your app. How do you go about picking your music?

KJ: You know who helps me a lot is Jordyn [Woods]—she DJs on my app Tuesdays and Thursdays so she's kind of taking over for radio and helping me update my songs because we have really similar taste in music.

MC: If you had to choose a lip icon, who would it be?

KJ: I love Rosie Huntington Whitely's lips. But I don't know, there's a lot of great lips out there. [Laughs]

MC: In terms of expanding, what do you see in the future for your beauty line?

KJ: I'm already think of new colors and ideas for Valentine's Day. So that'll be the next thing. I definitely want to do a whole makeup line eventually, but right now I'm focusing on lips until I figure out how and when.

MC: Where do you stand on the sleeping in your makeup debate?

KJ: I can't. I can't sleep in my makeup. Sometimes I'll be really lazy and try to not think about it and just fall asleep but I have to take it off and as soon as possible. Sometimes it'll be quick. I mean, I have a full ritual I try to do every night, but if I'm not feeling it, I'll usually take a wet paper towel and some makeup remover and just wipe my face really quick. That's my quick go to. [Laughs]

MC: You come from a beauty-obsessed family. What are some tips you've picked up recently?

KJ: Honestly, less is more. For example, Kim never wears falsies. She always wears her natural lashes and I was trying to do that today and everyone's like "Just wear 'em, it's a beauty event." So my sisters will do stuff that I pick up on.  

MC: Lastly, how did you go about choosing your look for today?

KJ: I try to just go for the epitome of what people think I look like. Like, I always like to wear my colored hair and have my makeup done-done.

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