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Once upon a time I got a history lesson in the redness-banish powers of green concealer from Hollywood makeup artist and man-who-taught-Kim-K-to-contour Joe Blasco. As someone with a naturally flushed complexion, this color theory intel was a game-changer. So when YSL revealed that it was releasing a new neutralizing edition of their color-correcting Touche Éclat—the cult classic blur tool before "blurring" was a thing—in GREEN, I wanted it in my makeup bag—nay carryall messenger bag—like yesterday.

Best applied before foundation, I gave the pen just a few clicks, then applied it all over my most irritated, splotchy areas where I'd usually apply concealer: cheeks, chin, lower edges of the nose, and of course, blemishes. I've worked with super-green pigments before, but this formula is incredibly potent, so I dabbed it on as light as possible. (In the immortal lyrics of Jessica Simpson, a little bit goes a long way.) I then used a combination of the pen's small, swishy brush and my fingers to blend the color in. 

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It was then that I realized—crazily enough—that my complexion already looked so much more even-toned and relaxed, without any trace of the alien-esque hue. For a more laid-back occasion, I could've gotten away with the Touche Éclat alone, but because I was going to be under fluorescent lighting (*whyyyy*), I opted for one quick, pea-sized press of foundation from my Estée Lauder's Double Wear Makeup to Go compact (I'm obsessed, you guys).

Strangely enough, it was actually after I applied my final layer of coverage that the effects of the green were most noticeable. Whereas with regular concealer, there may have still been hints of pink, this new green-infused cocktail of coverage gave me even more flawless, yet natural-looking dewy skin.

While the green shade of Touche Éclat feels like it was tailor-made for my skin type, the new neutralizing edition of the pen also comes in "Violet" if you're looking to cancel out sallow yellow tones, as well as "Apricot Bisque," which can be used to cover up dark circles or to add warmth and a super-light sculpt to anywhere you'd normally contour your face. 

At $38, these pens are an investment, but considering how #CommuterBeauty-friendly they are and the dramatic, yet sneaky results for even the most winter-battered skin (mine!), I can't think of a more seasonally appropriate must-have.


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Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Neutralizers, $38;

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