Watch in Horror as This Expert Shows You What Your Hot Tools Are Really Doing to Your Hair Color

This explains so much.

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Please whip out your flat iron and dial that temperature wayyyyyy down, because your most beloved beauty tool *might* just be responsible for your fading hair color. 

As anyone who dyes their hair knows, it's a huge downer when fresh color dulls—especially if the transition from bright to blah happens overnight. As it turns out, keeping your straightening iron's temperature low could be the key to keeping your hair lit, as colorist Guy Tang proved in the most "eek-worthy" Instagram video ever. Lesson learned? 400 degrees = way too high. High AF, even.

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In the words of Nelly, it's getting hot it here, so turn down your straightening iron for the love of god. Also, pro-tip: dial down the temp in your shower, too.

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