Prediction: This Lipstick Shade Is About to Hit Cult Status (So Buy It Now)

If you're reading this, it's too late.

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Everything Glossier touches turns into Carrara marble and 203,948,576 Instagram likes, so when the brand released color cosmetics in March (Phase 2 of their master plan for world domination), the yawps were loud and the orders were plenty. But even amongst the ur-concealer, the Boy Brow, and the idiot-proof matte lipstick, one product stands out as even more waitlist-worthy than the rest. That would be the Cake.

It's still early, but I can already feel the latent doomsday-prepper in me welling up because Cake, the nude shade of Glossier's Generation G lip colors, could not be more perfect—for anyone, I'm willing to bet. (Yeah, IDK why I'm sabotaging myself like this either.)

Glossier Lipstick

(Image credit: Courtesy of Glossier)

Like the other three shades, Cake applies and wears like a balm but looks like you demolished a Popsicle without dyeing your lips with fruit juice. It comes encased in a milky plastic like the rest. In the tube, it resembles the eraser of a Dixon Ticonderoga #2. So what makes Cake superior to Jam and Crush and Like, all still very pretty and hoard-able in their own way? Simple—it is The One True Your-Lips-but-Better.

I swear that even though my lips are highly pigmented, more or less so depending on the time of day/how much friction they've recently encountered (*two-eyed wink*), they are always the color of Cake. The four models of different skin tones on Glossier's website also all have lips the color of Cake. This mind-f*ckery cannot be attributed to the sheerness, because it is not—the formula is weighty, especially for how comfortable it feels.

Not my department, in any case. For 0.04 ounces or a lifetime's supply of heaven, that'll be $18 a pop—if you can beat me to it first.

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