Juicy Tubes 2.0: This New Product Is the Best Thing to Happen to Your Lips Since Y2K

*shake, shake, shake*

Design by Katja Cho

Like most teens growing up in the early aughts, Lancôme Juicy Tubes—launched in 2000—were my lifeblood (along with denim skirts and butterfly clips). A swipe of shimmery red or pink color that made my mouth look *so* shiny was all I needed to get through the day and feel confident enough to, you know, at least look in the direction of my crush. 

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But now, the gloss of our transformative years has gotten a chic new upgrade. 💁 And it is just as fun (and delicious smelling) as that beloved original tube (which is still available, FYI).

Enter: Lancôme's Juicy Shaker, an homage to/combo of two of Lancôme's most iconic products: Juicy Tubes and The Shaker, a lipstick launched by the brand in 1946. In the new iteration, a pigment-infused lip oil comes in a package reminiscent of a cocktail shaker. A few quick shakes to combine the nourishing oils and pigments creates a buildable tint that you apply with a cushion applicator. 

One swipe and I was hooked. Not only is it just a fun concept (everything blends together like a straight-up lava lamp), but the bi-phased formula is seriously addictive with its moisturizing powers and non-sticky finish. (Not to mention, they each smell and taste like candy.) 

Courtesy Lancome

Lancôme Juicy Shakers come in 20 shades/fragrances, $21; lancome-usa.com 

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