5 Ways to Feel Prettier Instantly

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Like Hannah Montana put it, "Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days." But what if the mistake is…your face? For when you've had too much sodium/tequila the night before or something's just off—because of your cycle or the moon or the Dow Jones, who knows?—here are five ways to feel bomb(er) in no time at all.

1. Wear the shoes you keep under your desk.

So your inner pain will be manifested on the outside too. JK. But amazing how you really only ever experience misery in beat-up Converse or hole-y socks and never heels, right? 

2. Do the opposite thing to your hair.

As in "Put it up if you always wear it down, or take it down if you're a perma-ponytail girl." I have a theory that, done right, this is how celebrities get coverage and normal people get compliments—just do what you usually never do! You could also call your mom and make her tell you how special you are, but fishing's more fun when a) you don't have to say a word and b) it's not someone who gave birth to you.  

3. Put on some blush.

In times like these, it is best to pretend you're an old-timey movie star with a Mid-Atlantic accent and spunk up the wazoo. WWKHD? (KH for Katherine Hepburn, duh.) She'd open up her compact of industrial-strength blusher, slap some on (our maybe-too-comprehensive tutorial to "slapping it on" here), throw her shoulders back, and go on pretending to be the baddest bitch until she actually felt it again.  

4. Fix your posture.

It's one of those "If you believe it, you can achieve it"-type things—you know, like these secret power moves that low-key command respect. Here, slouching will just amplify the broken-down mood and not in a chic kind of way, so open up your chest while imagining an invisible string pulling your head up. Did you just grow 2 inches? And lose, like, one Chipotle burrito from around your waist? MAGIC. 

5. Jewelry is always a good idea.

One time, they did this study where they showed dudes pictures of women's hand with and without rings and nail polish. Guess which ones they thought looked younger? This is not about what men think at all—when is it ever, TBH?—but subjectively, shiny things are appealing and cheerful-making, especially when they make a pleasant jangling noise like these Ariel Gordon dangling birthstone rings do. Earrings, especially, light up your face *and* your spirit, which is a tagline someone can have if they attribute it to me. 

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