9 Reasons Summer Is Simultaneously the Best and Worst Season for Beauty

The original love-hate relationship.

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Pro: Finally not having dry skin. 

If you're like me, it takes around-the-clock face-misting and mask-as-moisturizer-ing to not have a crackly complexion—for most of the year. Then summer hits, and BOOM—it's dewy, naturally highlighted skin you actually *can't* lotion up too much lest you develop milia. (We'll get back to that later.)

Con: But being sticky. All. The. Time. 

There's something about that A/C-outside-A/C cycle that creates a kind of gooey/chalky/clammy sheen all over your body, probably because your sunscreen—you ARE wearing sun protection, AREN'T YOU?—mingles with sweat, then dries or whatever. But let's not kid ourselves: Feels gross, looks great.

Pro: Getting a tan evens out your skin tone.

Categorically true: Everybody looks healthier with a tan, like Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripley before that whole incident with the oar. Have a Multitude of Sins (LOL) to cover? Go outside, young lady. 

Con: Worrying about what kind of damage getting a tan is doing to your skin. 

And this is why if you've got acne scars or similar discoloration, you must must must apply SPF—sun exposure can make the situation worse. You must apply SPF no matter what/under any and all circumstances/all the time, even when it's overcast—YOU MUST. 

Pro: Being shiny. 

There's a time and place for Dita Von Teese-ian matte, but hot weather ain't it. It's like being run through a selective doughnut glazer: collarbones, eyelids, cheekbones, etc. I want this all the time. (P.S. You *can* have luminous mermaid skin all the time with this product.) 

Con: But maybe too shiny. 

Okay, but I don't love how you can see your reflection in my forehead sweat. 

Pro: Giving in to your natural hair texture. 

One of life's greatest beauty ironies is that we spend so much time trying to make our hair do the opposite thing when, in fact, the what-you-were-born-with thing probably suits you better. In that way, summer's the great equalizer—you can't fight it. 

Con: Frizz.

But it's also kind of flat? And greasy? 

Con: Beating up your poor feet because nothing cuts up your toes like leather straps but you have to keep wearing sandals because it's too hot not to and even if you wear different ones, they just cut up different areas. Then the pedicurist is like "Ew, do I have to?"

There is no upside to this one. 

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