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Is This the Future? Magnetic Eye Shadows Are Here, So We're Thinking Yes

Ideal for those with beauty-product OCD.

Eternal rule of beauty: The prettier a makeup product is, the more hesitant you are to actually use it. Whether it's a fresh-out-of-the-tube lipstick or an untouched bronzer with 3D designs etched into it, a little part of us dies when it's no longer pristine. But that doesn't have to be the case with MAC's new Spellbinder Shadows, which are magnetic and thus possess ✨magical powers✨.

Now let me preface this by telling you you need to see it to believe it—but when it's time to apply the shadow, you can swipe your finger through the pigment's ridged texture, leave a mark, then smooth it right back into its original wave formation as if it's brand new. See?

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The zero-spillage secret is the magnet-coated packaging, which keeps the super-charged shadow in check at all times. And the ionized pigments aren't just mesmerizing—or a solution for our OCD—they also deliver smooth, velvety smoky eyes that stay put. Boasting a powdery finish with lasting power like a cream, this is a shadow that can really do both, if you know what I mean.

Plus, in a slew of rich jewel tones, they've got all your fall statement eyes covered. So yes, magnets FTW, yet again.

The limited-edition Spellbinder Shadows will be available on maccosmetics.com from October 20 to December 1 for $33 each.

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