These Ridiculously Beautiful Rainbow Face Powders Are Going to Change the Game in 2017

What's old is new (and colorful) again.

Colour Correction Powder
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As someone who will apply red lipstick to her dark circles (opens in new tab) before concealer in a pinch, I'm a color correcting convert. No matter how crazy it looks during the process, it's a game-changer in the end. And while color theory definitely had a moment in 2016 (opens in new tab), it's far from a cutting-edge technique.

For proof of this, look no further than legendary Japanese beauty brand Shiseido, who in honor of its 100th anniversary, is bringing back their storied Rainbow Beauty Powders. Yes, that's color correcting in *powder* form. Originally launched in 1917, the pastel, ultra-lightweight loose powders, which can be applied straight to the brush, are designed to create a totally bespoke base. In 7 different shades, each has its own individual texture and finish. It's like taking a multi-masking approach (opens in new tab) for face powder.

If you're still new to the whole color theory thing, the set actually does the decoding for you. The white powder can be applied all over for brightening; the beige evens out skin tone; the yellow and green powders diffuse redness; the purple diffuses yellowish undertones; and the rose and pink can be swiped on like blush for a healthy, youthful flush.

Colour correction chart

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While powders may seem a little daunting amidst the drying winter months, fear not as Shiseido, (which we trust as the gold standard for virtually-undetectable powders) has infused the formulas with hydrating, micronized hyaluronic acid that'll keep the skin looking glowy through the day.

And thus, we're hailing 'em the (retro) super future of color correcting. But flawless, pinched-cheeked results aside, can we also just call this set what it is? Pure #BeautyPorn. From the packaging—handmade, cloth-wrapped octagonal jewelry boxes—to the light floral scent, it's a true sensorial experience. And they look nothing short of princess-worthy perched on a vanity if we may say so ourselves.

Shiseido 7 Color Powders Revival Centennial Edition, $200; (opens in new tab).

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