The Nail Piercing Trend Is Peak '90s—And We're Here for It

Commitment-phobes this one's for you.

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As far as nail trends go, the sky's the limit. Seriously, we've seen just about everything from minimalist nail art to full on recreations of masterpieces inspired by the art historical canon. So, it comes as no surprise that we're now seeing '90s-era nail piercings pop up all over our feeds. And before you get queasy—it's not what it sounds like, just see for yourself.

The looks run the gamut from simple stud adornments to stiletto nails with actual piercings at the tips. It's a simple way to add extra impact to your tips while also maintaining a minimal vibe. Plus, if you were ever squeamish about a permanent piercing, it scratches that itch.

Oh, and Kim K. dabbles in this too, in case you needed more convincing. Now if you're intrigued, but concerned about whether this look can translate to functionality in real life, don't worry—we know you have Bumble messages to tend to.

To make this look more wearable for your digital needs, Liliana Pennington, brand educator for Londontown, suggests limiting the piercings to one finger or just one hand. She tells us, "I would avoid your thumb or index fingers as those are most likely to snag while you are typing." Woof, consider that duly noted.

It's also important to note that this look really only works with acrylics, which we all know can be very damaging to your nails if you don't take the necessary steps for care.

We can only assume you're looking to avoid cracking, splitting, and peeling, so we recommend grabbing a cuticle oil, like Londontown's Restorative Nail Cream or Essie's Apricot Cuticle Oil, and applying it several times a day so your talons stay sharp enough to keep up with Kim K.

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Roxanne Adamiyatt

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