Nicki Minaj's Long Blonde Hair Is Her Most 'Barbie' Look Yet

Totally Hair Barbie, is that you?

Nicki Minaj
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While 2023 found the entire universe pledging allegiance to the famous doll, Nicki Minaj is much more of a Barbie girl than the rest of us. From her Barbie alter ego to her legion of fans, a.k.a. Barbz, she gives off the essence of the iconic figure every day. And now, she's also giving off the look.

While performing at E11EVEN nightclub in Miami for New Year's Eve on December 31, 2023, Minaj rocked a hairstyle that was entirely reminiscent of Barbie, specifically in her beloved '90s "Totally Hair" form. With her ever-changing locks dyed an incredibly familiar shade of blonde, the "Super Freaky Girl" rapper crimped the strands, wearing them half up in a ponytail secured on her crown and cinched with a braid. The incredibly long hair reached well past her waist, grazing the floor when she kneeled down on the stage to connect with fans.

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In an Instagram post showing off the 'do, the 41-year-old strutted around to the tune of her song "FTCU." Capturing the locks at every angle, the video showed off the hair's immense power—and how great the style looked while moving—in a series of settings and lighting setups.

"Hair!" wrote The Real Housewives of Potomac's Gizelle Bryant on the post, alongside some fire emojis."Lemme borrow that wig," added a commenter, with Barbz helpfully pointing them to Minaj's regular hairstylist, Arrogant Tae.

The Grammy nominee isn't the first person to take glam cues from Totally Hair Barbie. In 2023, Margot Robbie wore a similarly inspired look while promoting the Barbie movie. And yet, while Robbie's style was an obvious nod to her character, Minaj's was all her own, complete with an extra-long manicure, glossy bubblegum-colored lips, and a dark eyeshadow look accessorized with a row of gems.

What a doll.

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