Ryan Gosling Was “Dedicated” to His Extensive Tanning Routine for 'Barbie'

“We had to reapply his tan every week.”

ryan gosling on barbie set
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By now, I really, really, really hope you’ve had a chance to see Ryan Gosling in his Ken doll glory. The Canadian tuxedo, the “Ken” underwear, the ‘80s workout wear—the “Barbie” movie is simply that gift that keeps giving great Gosling photos. And it’s hard to talk about said photos, without mentioning the actor’s very bronzed complexion. Granted, a perfectly sunkissed, expertly even, and very dark tan is integral to the whole Ken vibe. But that in mind, achieving such a perfect tan—sans an exorbitant amount of sun exposure—wasn’t easy. 

“We generally had to re-apply his tan every week unless there was a specifically big scene where the studio wanted his tan to look as fresh and as 'perfect' as possible,” the movie’s tanning expert Kimberley Nkosi (opens in new tab) exclusively told Marie Claire. "In this case, especially with the tan having to work under various light sources and other aspects of onset tan, the ability to blend and control the color [was key.]”

To avoid blotches, unevenness, or anything short of perfection, Nkosi created a pretty intense routine complete with prep, tanning, and hydration. And while her formula was pretty stellar, she tells us that the “flawless” outcome wouldn’t have been possible if Gosling wasn’t so “dedicated” to the whole process. 

“My favorite products to use for the Ken transformation were from Isle of Paradise, mainly because they are not only very hydrating for the skin, but also because they have color correcting qualities,” Nkosi explains. “They can be mixed to a custom blend so that you can truly give your client a bespoke finish that suits their skin tone and looks natural.”  She’d “always” use the medium shade on Gosling, with a “touch of dark to balance his undertone and make sure he was camera-ready.” 

As for the shiny skin component that was clearly going on? She’d slather Gosling’s skin in the Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing Body Oil, which has toning and firming properties (not that he needed it). To finish off the entire routine, she’d put a little of Glossier Mango Butter on his lips.

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