Tata Harper’s New Calming Créme Makes My Redness Disappear

I tried it before anyone else—and I'll never get over the results.

editor Samantha Holender with tata harper creme
(Image credit: Tata Harper; Sam Holender)

If you’re new here, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Samantha, I'm a Marie Claire beauty editor, and rashes, redness, and rosacea are among my main personality traits. While I can’t say I’m thrilled about my chronically irritated complexion, it does make me uniquely qualified to test products designed for sensitive skin. I always say: If it doesn’t irritate me, it won’t irritate anyone.

Tata Harper, the founder of her eponymous, editor-favorite skincare label, is well aware of my catchphrase. I’ve even told her some of the brand’s products are too intense for my complexion, which is in part why she gave me the exclusive first look at her new Superkind Calming Créme. While it officially launches tomorrow, May 14, Tata Harper is giving MC readers the chance shop it one day early.

“Superkind is all about being super powerful, yet super gentle. It's a delicate balance that ensures remarkable results without compromising on the comfort of the skin," Harper tells me. According to the founder, this jar will neutralize hyperactivity, reduce redness, and leave my face “cocooned, calm, and collected.” It's also been accepted by the National Eczema Association.

I refuse to be deluded by marketing jargon until I test a product myself. After trying this creme before anyone else, it earned my sensitive skin stamp of approval ten times over. Ahead, I’m breaking down exactly what makes this moisturizer so incredibly effective at soothing skin—and providing my (makeup-free) before and after photos to prove it.

The Ingredient Breakdown

When I saw that the Calming Créme contained botanicals, I freaked out a bit. They're hit or miss with my complexion. While everyone’s skin is different, the plant-derived ingredients included in this particular product were non-irritating for my skin. "We've spent years meticulously sourcing and formulating with botanicals that are not only effective but also gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin," Harper says. "We understand that not all botanicals are created equal, which is why we prioritize ingredients that are proven to be both efficacious and tolerable for sensitive skin."

In addition to essential oils, the Superkind Calming Creme includes the following hardworking ingredients.

  • Tahitian Golden Microalgae .

This créme claims to “help stop the chronic inflammation cycle.” If you have sensitive skin, you know that’s nearly impossible. A good few days are almost always followed by a flare. Yet, Tata Harper credits Tahitian Golden Microalgae for this skin sorcery. I took my skepticism to Dr. Houshmand, who, to my surprise, confirmed that this ingredient actually has proven pharmacological effects.

“Microalgae-derived bioactive compounds have been proven to overcome inflammatory skin disorders, given their tremendous structural diversity and biological availability,” she shares.

  • Tazman Pepper Berry

This pretty purple plant has long been a staple in Aboriginal communities in Australia. Only recently has research proven its viability in skincare. “The ingredient has been shown to contain a compound called polygodial, which has been studied for its ability to calm irritation and reduce skin sensitivity and reactive skin, which may help with redness,” explains Dr. Houshmand. “It is viewed as an antioxidant with some anti-inflammatory properties that help with free radicals.”

  • Marine Prebiotic Complex

This soothing complex contains ingredients that reduce redness, like sea kelp and mineral water. It also provides deep hydration to create a strong microbiome. When the microbiome is in check, irritation is less likely.

My Review

It’s been a rough month for my skin. My April kicked off with a lovely bout of perioral dermatitis. For the unacquainted (you’re lucky), it’s a pesky little rash that circles the chin-mouth-nose areas with inflamed bumps. Putting it into remission required oral antibiotics, a sulfur face wash, and two prescription creams. The key to keeping it at bay is to stick to simple, fragrance-free, non-irritating skincare. So fun!

samantha Holender with perioral dermatitis

At the beginning of April, a perioral rash, which I previously had in January, reappeared on my skin. It presents as inflamed, acne-looking bumps.

(Image credit: Samantha Holender)

Adding in anything new is risky business. But I trust Tata’s Superkind line. The BioBarrier Serum is one of my favorites, which is precisely why it won MC’s 2023 Sensitive Skin Award. I was surprisingly calm about putting a new product on my face and was hopeful my skin would share the sentiment.

From a first impression standpoint:

  • The bottle is luxe, with a mirrored gold cap, green glass, and a weighted presentation.
  • The smell is non-existent—just the way I like it.
  • The texture is denser than expected.

On day one of testing, I scooped a dime-sized amount of product and warmed it between my fingers before massaging it into my skin. It felt almost like a silk seal. It’s thick, which is my preference, but certainly not for those who prefer the light and airy texture. The créme possesses a silicone-like silky texture—without the silicones. It doesn’t pill or burn. There’s no tingling or visible irritation. In fact, my redness looked calm by the time I finished styling my hair. By all accounts, my initial application was a success.

before and after tata harper calming creme

On the left, is my cheek before applying the Calming Créme. On the right, is my cheek about an hour after applying the Calming Créme.

(Image credit: Samantha Holender)

But, as a sensitive skin girl, I know that doesn’t always mean I’m home-free. A flare can develop overnight—sometimes even as late as the 48-hour or two-week mark. Yet those calendar days came and went without the slightest reaction. To the contrary, my face felt balanced. The burning I occasionally experienced after washing my face was nowhere to be found. My rosacea was relegated to its calmest state. Most importantly, my perioral dermatitis remained in remission.

I’m scared to jinx it, but that Tahitian Golden Microalgea might just be magic.

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