Is Taylor Swift Really Brunette Now?

It appears the internet is buzzing with a false narrative.

Taylor Swift poses at the 2024 Grammy Awards.
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If you, like me, have been personally victimized by a TikTok feed full of claims that Taylor Swift is now a brunette, you're entitled to some hair dye rumor debunking.

Swift took a night off from the Eras Tour for a fun dinner with Sabrina Carpenter in Sydney, Australia, after finishing up a weekend shows in Melbourne. While the 34-year-old causes a stir anytime she makes an appearance, this time was different. When paparazzi photos of the dinner date were released, fans were quick to note two things. First, that the singer's corset top outfit had trademarks of her Tortured Poets Department style era. Second, that Swift's hair looked quite a bit darker.

"Is it just me or does her hair look brown?" wrote a fan on one set of photos. "THE HAIR!" echoed the rest of the comments section.

Taylor Swift in Sydney

The photo that started a million TikTok rumors insinuating Swift had gone brunette.

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For the evening, Swift embraced her hair's natural texture, wearing her wavy bangs straight across her forehead as the rest of her hair hung over her shoulders. (Her kiss-proof Pat McGrath red lipstick was nowhere to be seen.)

With all that being said, Swift's hair does appear to be entering brunette territory. But in actuality, it's just the darker lighting. Both her brown skirt and her proximity to Sabrina Carpenter's obviously platinum hair created a bit of an optical illusion.

Taylor Swift embraces Sabrina Carpenter at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

To be fair, Swift's hair does look brunette when compared to Sabrina Carpenter's platinum. But blonde comes in many shades.

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"I hate to break it to y’all but…this is natural blonde hair -signed a hairstylist. She is in no way a brunette," wrote user @niknakswift on X after rumors Swift had dyed her hair began to spread. In a followup post, they shared another picture of the "Karma" singer from the same night, in which her hair appears significantly brighter.

"This is the same night different angle. It’s a matter of lighting that’s all. Natural lighting will always be best to tell the true color of hair," they wrote.

Case closed. And remember: If you need to see a brunette Taylor, the "You Belong With Me" music video is always available.

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