Lorde's 'Royals' Has Been Banned in San Francisco

At least for a little while.

lorde with jersey
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Good thing "Royals" has been a solid hit for more than a year now, because Lorde's winning single just got banned in a major U.S. city.

This year's World Series kicks off tomorrow night as the San Francisco Giants take on the Kansas City Royals. And while it seems like "Royals" has about nothing to do with baseball except for the name "Royals," Lorde did admit earlier this year that a picture of Royals third baseman George Brett signing autographs acted as some inspiration for her song, and she even got a signed jersey as thanks from the Kansas City team. So now two San Francisco radio stations have decided to pledge their allegiance to their team by promptly removing "Royals" from their airwaves this week.

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KFOG and KOIT are the two stations that have blacklisted the song until the Series ends next Tuesday (a decision made while "chugging beers," according to KFOG's program director, so solid approach, guys). We suppose that residents will just have to rely on Spotify until then. But our opinion is that they're approaching this all wrong: The chorus is "And we'll never be royals." So, um, shouldn't it San Francisco's anthem?

Next up: Kansas City bans any and all references to the band They Might Be Giants—including reruns of Malcolm in the Middle.


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