Kate Winslet Refused to Thank Harvey Weinstein at the 2009 Oscars and We All Missed It

"That was deliberate. That was absolutely deliberate."

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The idea that Harvey Weinstein's alleged assaults were an "open secret" in Hollywood is a depressing one.

But as well as new allegations surfacing, several potential acts of defiance committed by Hollywood's elite over the years are getting recognition, including Kate Winslet's. Winslet pointedly omitted her thanks to Weinstein in her 2009 Oscar speech for her role in The Reader.

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It has been much reported that Weinstein is one of the most thanked people in Oscar history, after Steven Spielberg and around the same amount as God.

However, for Winslet's Best Actress win, his name was notably absent from the nineteen person-strong list.

The Weinstein Company financed and distributed the film, and she was even asked to thank the producer if she won. However, it has now emerged that her refusal to do so was a conscious one.

According to The LA Times, Winslet said the omission "…was deliberate. That was absolutely deliberate."

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She explained, "I remember being told. 'Make sure you thank Harvey if you win.' And I remember turning around and saying, 'No I won't. No I won't.' And it was nothing to do with not being grateful. If people aren't well-behaved, why would I thank him?"

There seemingly is evidence that Harvey doesn't like it when he isn't thanked. Here's a video of him telling off Jennifer Lawrence for forgetting to thank him at the Oscars:

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Kate Winslet went on to say, "The fact that I'm never going to have to deal with Harvey Weinstein again as long as I live is one of the best things that's ever happened and I'm sure the feeling is universal."

Though Winslet has not claimed any sexual misconduct, she claims his attitude towards her was still bullish.

Winslet's first film was Peter Jackson's 1994 Heavenly Creatures, produced by Weinstein's Miramax.

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Winslet claims that he has held that over her:

"For my whole career, Harvey Weinstein, whenever I've bumped into him, he'd grab my arm and say, 'Don't forget who gave you your first movie.' Like I owe him everything. Then later, with The Reader, same thing, 'I'm gonna get you that Oscar nomination, I'm gonna get you a win, I'm gonna win for you.'

She continues in her LA Times interview: "I can't even begin to describe the disgraceful behavior that went on—and I'm actually not going to because it's a can of worms that I'm not prepared to publicly open—nothing to do with sexual harassment, thankfully, lucky me. My god. I somehow dodged that bullet."

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