'Fifty Shades' Is Ruining Dakota Johnson's Chances at Ever Finding a Relationship

Don't worry, Jamie Dornan isn't to blame.

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Update, 9/18: Pros and cons of starring in Fifty Shades Darker...Pro: You get to keep sex toys you'd never buy on your own; Con: No one wants to date you—at least that's what Dakota Johnson reveals in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. 

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Also, fun (LOL) fact: Not a single person in Johnson's family has seen her movie, but one of her cab drivers did and thought the first film could've used more sex. Everyone's a critic...

Original, 2/20: Dakota Johnson has had quite the busy life lately with Fifty Shades of Grey, attending endless premieres and talk shows to promote the film. And given the its massive success and already confirmed sequels, it's no surprise the sheer force of it has killed Johnson's love life for the time being. 

Us Weekly reports Johnson and her boyfriend, Matthew Hitt, a Welsh model/musician, broke up during the holidays because of the whole ordeal. "Her life was getting too crazy and it wasn't something that he wanted to be a part of," a source told the outlet. His loss.

But "it wasn't a bad break," the source noted. Oh well, looks like Johnson has the perfect real-life inspiration for her other new role in How to Be Single... 

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