Kim Kardashian's Instagram Gets Flooded with Rat Emojis After She Reignites Feud with Taylor Swift


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(Image credit: Instagram)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have managed to stay pretty quiet since Taylor Swift's Reputation debuted a few weeks ago, but Kim seemingly broke her silence with a not-so-subtle Instagram post. Annnnnd now her account is being flooded with rat emojis.

The post in question features a picture from Kanye's "Famous" exhibit, with a mold of Taylor's nude body in the background. The caption simply says "Famous," a pretty direct reference to the iconic feud Taylor and Kanye had over the lyrics to the song.

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(Image credit: Instagram)

Quick recap: Taylor tried to claim Kanye never informed her about said lyrics, Kim released a slew of Snapchat receipts to prove otherwise, and Taylor tried to "remove herself from the narrative." This is obviously reminiscent of that time when Taylor's own Instagram feed was flooded with the snake emoji.

Taylor is actually in the process of reclaiming said emoji (see: "Look What You Made Me Do"), but somehow we have a feeling Kim won't go into hiding for a year and re-emerge as a rat.

Mehera Bonner
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