Bella Hadid Had a Nip Slip Walking the Runway at Paris Fashion Week

She handled it like a not handling it at all.

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Nipples. People have them! So really, it's not that big of a deal when they're seen in public (actually, it's not a big deal at all). Which brings us to Bella Hadid's nip slip at Paris Fashion Week. While closing the Alexandre Vauthier show, Bella's black top slipped down, causing her to expose a little more skin than she presumably intended. (Or maybe this was on purpose because #fashion. Who knows, again, it's just a nipple.)

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Bella clearly was more focused on slaying the runway than worrying about her nip slip, and completely nailed her walk. (By the way, she has a history of not being concerned about wardrobe malfunctions.)

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And in other non-nipple related news, can we please talk about how this is the best shirt that has ever been created?

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