Who Is Kelly Egarian? Everything You Need to Know About Milo Ventimiglia's Girlfriend

Jack and Rebecca forever, but...

Unfortunately if you're still recovering from the end of Rory and Jess's relationship in Gilmore Girls (opens in new tab) (the pair also dated in real life from 2002-2006), Milo Ventimiglia has moved on. Like, really moved on. The This Is Us (opens in new tab) star is currently dating Kelly Egarian—a 31-year-old marketing coordinator—and although it's hard to imagine Ventimiglia, 40, with anybody else other than his current TV wife Rebecca (Mandy Moore) (opens in new tab)that's exactly the goal for the star.

"I try to minimize myself so people can see the character and can really dive into the work,” Ventimiglia told People (opens in new tab) back in December. Naturally, this makes us wonder *even more* how Ventimiglia spends his time off screen. Here, everything you need to know about Kelly Egarian and the pair's low-key relationship.

They made their first public appearance together at the 2017 Emmys.

Though they didn't walk the red carpet together (opens in new tab), Egarian joined Ventimiglia at their seats during the award show where Ventimiglia's co-star, Sterling K. Brown, received an Emmy for outstanding lead actor for drama series. The couple were also spotted kissing and dancing at the Emmys after party (opens in new tab).

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She's a marketing coordinator for Stella McCartney (opens in new tab).

She's also considered a professional stylist:

They've been dating for over a year.

Though Ventimiglia has not officially confirmed (opens in new tab) their relationship, he and Egarian were spotted together for the first time (opens in new tab) in Venice Beach December 2016.

Egarian dated *NSYNC alum JC Chasez (opens in new tab) back in the day.

A source reportedly claims (opens in new tab) Egarian dated the former boy band member years ago, though any photographic evidence of this has been wiped clean off the internet. (Egarian has no social media presence either.)

Here's hoping for more sightings of Ventimiglia and Egarian, and an *official* confirmation from the couple.


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