All the Times Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan Have Been Insanely Flirty on Social Media

It's like the only emoji they have is the kiss emoji.

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Outlander's Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan play two madly-in-love Scottish time travelers on TV (okay, only she travels and only he's Scottish)—and the world desperately wants art to mimic real life. In other words, fans want Sam and Cait to do it like they do on the Discovery channel, or in this case Starz. Yes, both actors are in relationships (Caitriona is actually engaged), but that doesn't stop them from giving we, the people, what we want on Twitter. Here are some of their best flirty exchanges.

The time Caitriona captioned a picture with a self-deprecating comment and Sam chimed in to remind her how beautiful she is:

The time Sam celebrated 200,000 followers with an AMA and Caitriona asked the only important question:

The time their happy birthday exchange took a *very* flirty turn:

The time they teased each other about catching zzzz's on set:

The time Sam posted this picture to Twitter and we spent the next week imagining playing doubles with them:

The time Caitriona got a whole fan convention to help her record a message for Sam:

The time Caitriona shamelessly called Sam a "dirty boy":

The time Sam invited Twitter to ask him anything and Caitriona kept pointing out all the questions about how beautiful and awesome she is:

The time Caitriona lovingly teased Sam about his drinking abilities:

The time Sam wished Caitriona luck at the Golden Globes and she responded with a bunch of kissy face emojis:

The time Caitriona credited her "Tele Hubby" with helping her get noticed by the Golden Globes:

The time Sam made a NSFW Valentine's Day joke and Caitriona totally called him on it:

As you were, that is, if you can even recover from this level of flirtatiousness.

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