Lennon and Maisy Stella Are All Grown Up, and You Have to See What They Look Like Now

The Nashville stars are unrecognizable.

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Remember when Lennon and Maisy Stella stole your hearts on the TV show Nashville, as Maddie and Daphne Conrad? Like that time they sang a cover of The Lumineers' song, "Ho Hey," together in Season One...

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...Or, IRL, when they wrote their own children's book, In the Waves, and an original song to go with it? Flash forward to 2018 and the real-life sisters both look so grown up, they are almost unrecognizable.


Older sister Lennon was 13 when she first started appearing on the country music hit. The now 18-year-old singer looks especially different with bright, blonde hair and plump lips.

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Maisy, who was 8 years old in early episodes and is 14 now, looks almost like a replica of her sister, Lennon, at that age (see above for comparison).

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Besides watching the Stella sisters transform into beautiful, young ladies, we've seen their musical careers launch from YouTube and go beyond the show. In January, Lennon announced she'd signed a recording contract to create her debut album, and in February, Maisy made her first solo debut on the Grand Ole Opry stage.

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