Brad Pitt Is Reportedly "Smitten" with MIT Professor Neri Oxman

He apparently fell for her 3D-printed chaise lounges—and that's not a euphemism.

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Brad Pitt has reportedly moved on following his split from Angelina Jolie...into the arms of MIT professor Neri Oxman. And, if unnamed sources close to the actor are to be believed, he's fallen head over heels for the 42-year-old, award-winning architectural designer.

"Brad’s absolutely smitten by her," a source told Us Weekly. "Their chemistry is off the charts."


The 54-year-old actor apparently fell for Oxman after seeing (and being very impressed by) her line of 3D-printed chaise lounges. You know, tale as old as time and all.

"They got romantically involved almost right away," the source said. "He’s been going to great lengths to make sure he’s not spotted by prying eyes."

The source adds that Pitt and Oxman have taken several trips together, including a February excursion to the Design Indaba conference in South Africa, where Oxman was a featured speaker.

However, a second Pitt source claims, "this is solely a professional relationship [and] there’s nothing more to it as of now." Source number one reportedly insists things are romantic, saying, "They are very much a couple."

If the romance turns out to be legit (still a big if since neither Pitt nor Oxman have commented on the reported relationship), it will be Pitt's first relationship since his well-publicized split from Jolie in September 2016.


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