Gigi Hadid Celebrated Her Golden Birthday in Gold

And with some Michael Jordan.

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A lot has happened on April 23—yesterday, the newest member of the royal family came into the world, and 23 years ago, so did Gigi Hadid. Yep, the new Prince of Cambridge and Gigi now share a birthday.

The model rang in 23 with an extravagant party, complete with a photo booth, Michael Jordan cake (not kidding), and her own Snapchat filter. All of her friends were there to celebrate, but sadly, there was no Zayn Malik, who was recently spotted leaving Gigi's apartment.

The birthday girl wore a strapless gilded dress, of course, to celebrate her Golden Year birthday (a.k.a turning the same age as the day you were born), or as Gigi called it, her #JordanYear. We're guessing she's referring to Michael Jordan, who's basketball jersey number is 23.

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Here's what else we know about the party.

There was a photo booth

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There was Michael Jordan-themed cake

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There was a Snapchat Filter

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There was a giant flower arrangement

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Seems like one pretty great party if you asked us. Maybe next year Gigi will jet off to England to celebrate the new prince's 1st birthday?

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