Is This a Clear Sign That Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Are Getting Back Together?

You can be the judge.

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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik announced their breakup just over a month ago, much to the surprise of their fans (honestly, I'm still not over it). It seems Zayn isn't either because last week, he told Ryan Seacrest he was hoping to love Gigi forever.

And now, he might be getting a chance at redemption. On Wednesday, Zayn was spotted going in to Gigi's NYC apartment building wearing a red and black hoodie and black sweatpants. The Daily Mail first noticed that he was seen leaving her building the next morning in the exact same outfit. But what does this mean?! Are they getting back together? Is true love alive again? Maybe.

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Here, I present to you, the possible evidence you need to make an informed decision on whether or not ZiGi is getting back together:

Wednesday, April 18

Zayn was photographed walking into Gigi's apartment building, obviously there to see her—unless he's already dating a new girl, and she happens to live in the same building as his ex, which would be supremely awkward. (Notice his glasses).

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Thursday, April 19

Spotted: Zayn has left the building and he's wearing the same exact red hoodie and black sweatpants, but this time, he's sans glasses. Does Zayn still keep a pair of contacts at Gigi's place? (But not a change of clothes?!)

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This mid-week adult sleepover clearly seems impromptu—a.k.a he was just visiting, but then something kept him there. Oh, and apparently Zayn liked one of Gigi's Instagram photos after he left her apartment Thursday, according to The Daily Mail. File under: More possible proof that this could actually be real.

I can't be sure of anything, but this is just the evidence (and small glimmer of hope) I have to give you. Vote in the poll above if you think this is a clear sign of a rekindled romance, or just a casual hang.

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