Meghan Markle and Prince William Shared the Sweetest Greeting at the Anzac Day Services

Meghan Markle shared a sweet greeting with her future brother-in-law, Prince William, at the afternoon Anzac Day Services.

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Meghan Markle pulled off a wardrobe change before attending her second Anzac Day event. First, Meghan went for a Carmen Sandiego-esque look at a special service at dawn in Hyde Park, choosing a wide-brim hat and gorgeous jacket.

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"Today, on #AnzacDay Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle have paid tribute to Australian and New Zealand servicemen and women at the Dawn Service in London alongside @NZinUK and @AusHouseLondon," Kensington Palace tweeted along with a picture of Harry and Meghan at the dawn service.

Now, she's attending a second commemoration service at Westminster Abbey in a whole new look. This time around, she appears to be channeling Jackie O in a two-piece cropped bespoke suit paired with a matching black fascinator.

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The afternoon service also saw Meghan publicly greeting Prince William for the first time since he and wife Kate Middleton welcomed their third child on Monday.

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Will and Meghan clearly already have the close, comfortable rapport of family. They sweetly said hello with a kiss on the cheek and a gentle shoulder squeeze (and, presumably, some congratulations from Meghan, and baby prince updates from Will).

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Harry, however, seemed too focused on the day's events to get in on the affection.

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The royals (and royal-to-be, Meghan) are appearing publicly in honor of Anzac Day, a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand commemorating those lost in war or who sacrificed their lives for their country. The remembrance day has been celebrated in London on April 25 every year since 1916.

The event also marks William's first royal engagement since welcoming his third child—just two days after the birth. Clearly, royals don't get paternity leave.

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