Kylie Jenner Is Just Your Basic Instagram Mom

Happy three months, Stormi!

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Last night, Kylie Jenner proved she's like every other mom on your Instagram feed: She posted an adorable photo of her daughter, Stormi, to celebrate her three-month birthday.

Unlike your friends on Instagram, she didn't use those Etsy blocks to show Stormi's age (which are called "milestone blocks," according to Google). You know, the ones that look like this:

Instead, she captioned the photo, "my pretty girl is 3 months old today."

Since giving birth to Stormi, well, three months ago, Kylie has been dutifully documenting her new baby's biggest moments from stroller walks:

To sneaker shots:

And meeting family members for the first time:

She even captured her daughter's first big holiday on social media:

And, of course, in the ultimate Insta mom move, Kylie announced Stormi's birth with a compilation video from the previous nine months:

Until that announcement, the reality star/makeup mogul tried to keep the news of her pregnancy private. She stayed away from social media for the most part, sharing only swatch shots and updates about her lip kits on Instagram. But since she and boyfriend Travis Scott welcomed Stormi into the world, Kylie is back to being Kylie on social—posting bathroom selfies:


And look-it's-me-on-a-boat:

Shots we all know and love.

So, just like your other friends-turned-Insta-moms, Kylie has returned to her regularly scheduled content—just with the addition of a very cute little human who will appear on your feed every now-and-then to give you a wee dose of aww and break up all the acai bowl shots.


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