11 Things We Learned from 'Game of Thrones' Last Night

Khaleesi is BACK.

SPOILER ALERT for Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4, "Book of the Stranger"

Sunday night's Game of Thrones was all about reunions, returns and resurgences. Following last week's episode, when Jon ditched the Night's Watch, young Ned came upon the Tower of Joy and Arya got her sight back, Game of Thrones came back this evening with a whole slew of new plot twists and adventures to digest. Forget Jon Snow; Daenerys might have just one-upped the former Lord Commander with the most epic comeback of the season. Below, see the high points of the latest episode.  

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1) Jon and Sansa finally reunite. GoT started with a tearful shocker (in a good way, finally), as Sansa, Brienne and Podrick arrive at Castle Black. When she and Jon finally see each other, they are speechless and share a long-awaited embrace (while we wipe away our streaming tears). 

As they catch up by the fire, they reminisce about their childhood and Sansa apologizes for being horrible to Jon when they were kids. When Sansa asks him where he'll go next, he responds, "Where will we go?" implying he won't leave without her. She suggests reclaiming Winterfell with Wildling assistance, but Jon is tired of fighting.

2) Melisandre believes Jon is The Prince That Was Promised. The Red Woman reveals her new allegiance, telling Davos she'll only do what Snow commands. Davos is surprised to hear this, because last time he checked, Melisandre believed Stannis held that title. "What happened down there?" he asks about the battle where Stannis died. Brienne interrupts, breaking the news to Davos that she was the one who assassinated Stannis. Her arrival at Castle Black brings another reunion, of sorts. As a former guard of Renly Baratheon, she has been around Davos and Melisandre before. In fact, she knows it was the priestess's demon child that killed her master. "Yes it's in the past. It doesn't mean I forget or forgive," Brienne says. It looks like we can expect some major tension from these newly conjoined storylines.

3) Petyr Baelish makes his return. As conniving as always, Littlefinger returns to The Vale bearing gifts for his stepson Robin Arryn (who has grown since we last saw him—perhaps because he finally stopped breastfeeding?). But the present isn't just out of generosity; it's to subliminally bribe Arryn to follow Baelish's lead.

Littlefinger reveals that he and Sansa were intercepted by the Boltons while riding north, even though no one was supposed to know where they were going. He suspects Lord Royce, an Arryn bannerman, spilled the secret, but Baelish gives him another chance to show his loyalty. He also persuades Robin to aid Sansa (he is her cousin, after all) with the help of the Knights of the Vale. 

4) Tyrion offers the masters some major leeway. As Daenerys's advisor, Tyrion decides to make peace with the masters of neighboring cities in her absence. Banking on their self interest, he tells them, "You don't need slaves to make money." Instead of taking away slavery altogether (as Daenerys did), he grants them seven years to abolish the practice—if they stop funding the Sons of the Harpy. The freed men of Meereen, Missandei (a former slave herself), and Grey Worm are not pleased with the deal. 

5) Daario finds out about Jorah's greyscale. As they put away their weapons before sneaking up on the Dothraki, Daario sees clear symptoms of Jorah's greyscale through a rip in his shirt. He is taken aback, but Jorah assures him, "Don't worry, it didn't touch you." They both acknowledge they know how the illness will end. 

6) The Tyrell siblings finally see each other again. After a long talk about abandoning wealth and worldly possessions, the High Sparrow surprisingly lets Margaery see her brother Loras—a broken, battered shell of his former self—again. As they talk in his cell, Margaery says that their reunion is all part of the Sparrows' plan to bring them down, and they must be strong and resist. But Loras is tired of being locked up; he just wants it all to stop. 

7) The Lannisters and Tyrells are teaming up against The Sparrows. Cersei and Jaime crash a meeting of the Small Council (again) to reveal that Queen Margaery will make a walk of atonement—yes, that walk of shame—days before Cersei's trial. Knowing the Tyrells wouldn't want this to happen, the Lannisters suggest they team up to take down a common enemy: the High Sparrow. Jaime advises they send in the Tyrell army to stop Margaery's walk of shame and take the priest into custody. 

It's been clear since Margaery and Tommen's wedding (and even before) that Cersei isn't a fan of her daughter-in-law. So why offer assistance? Prior to the Small Council meeting, the Lannister matriarch met with her son Tommen, who revealed his devotion to keeping Margaery safe, even as the High Sparrow's plans her shaming. Cersei's scheme aims to keep her son happy and her enemy out of sight.

8) Theon will help his sister rule. Theon Greyjoy arrives back at the Iron Islands to find his sister Yara surprised and angry that he's still alive. In case you forgot, she and an army of men went to rescue Theon when he was Ramsay's captive. But Theon, thinking her arrival was another torture tactic, refused to go. Yara was forced to leave without him and claim he was dead. Now, Yara thinks Theon is back to rule the Islands after learning of their father's death. But Theon assures her that she, in fact, should rule, and he wants to help her. 

9) Osha falls to Ramsay's knife. The former Wildling attempts to beat Ramsay at his own game but can't follow through in time. As she seduces Lord Bolton (and inches towards a sharp knife on the table), he tells her that Theon told him a Wildling woman helped the two Stark boys escape Winterfell. Just when she bolts for the knife, he beats her to the punch, thrusting a knife into her throat and watching as she bleeds to death at his feet. 

10) A Ramsay-Jon showdown is underway. Jon receives a gruesome, taunting letter from Ramsay Bolton while he is dining with Tormund the Wildling, Eddison, Sansa, Brienne and Podrick. As Jon reads the message aloud, he and the company learn that Rickon Stark is trapped in the Winterfell dungeon as Ramsay's hostage. Bolton's only wish is to get Sansa back, but if he doesn't get what he wants, he'll ride north, kill the Wildlings, have his knights rape Sansa, have his dogs eat Rickon and gauge Jon's eyes out (before letting the dogs do the rest). The Wildling army is only about 2,000 men to Bolton's estimated 5,000, but Sansa urges Jon to seek help from Northern houses who are still faithful to the Starks. He finally concedes. 

11) Khaleesi is BACK. When the khals mock and tease Daenerys in the temple of Dosh Khaleen about where her future lies, Daenerys makes a major proposal: let her rule instead. When they laugh at her advice, The Unburnt pays them back by setting the whole temple on fire, trapping them in it and burning them alive. As the rest of the Dothraki wait anxiously outside the temple, Daenerys emerges unscathed and disrobed, and the entire crowd bows down in awe. 

Welcome back, Khaleesi. 

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