Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Have Sansa's Throne From the 'Game of Thrones' Finale in Their House

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  • Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas now own Sansa Stark's throne from the final episode of Game of Thrones.
  • Turner posted a photo of the throne on her Instagram Story with the caption "Welcome home," while Jonas subsequently reposted it to his own story.
  • Sadly, Turner has ruled out ever revisiting her most famous role.

    Did you think you'd finally stopped mourning the end of Game of Thrones, over a year after the show's divisive final season concluded? Well, prepare to have that freshly-healed grief exposed once again to the cold air, courtesy of one Sophie Turner, the Queen in the North herself! On her Instagram Story, Turner shared a photo of Sansa Stark's throne from the show's last ever episode, as People reports—and revealed that it now resides in the home she shares with husband Joe Jonas, captioning the post, "Welcome home." It's only right, of course, that the throne lives with Turner. But these emotions, Sophie! I simply wasn't prepared!

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    Alas, it's my sad duty to remind you that no matter how attached Turner may be to Sansa, she won't ever play her again, no matter how many Game of Thrones spin-offs HBO develops. "I think it's time to say goodbye to Sansa. I'm ready...ish, to say goodbye to her," she told Sky News last year, shortly after the show's final episode aired. "I think my watch has ended. It's been 10 years of my life and the best 10 years of my life by far."

    "I finished in a very happy place with Sansa and it's time to let her go," Turner continued, just to ensure our collective hopes and dreams were thoroughly ground into the dirt. She added, "I feel like if I played her again it would be just be more trauma."

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