Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' Baby Name, Willa, Has a 'Game of Thrones' Connection

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas welcomed their first child, a girl named Willa, on July 22—and the name has a Game of Thrones connection.

Happy news broke yesterday: Baby Turner-Jonas has arrived! According to TMZ, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas welcomed their first child, a daughter, on Wednesday, July 22The couple named their baby girl WillaJustJared reports. (Turner and Jonas have yet to confirm their daughter's arrival—or indeed, to speak publicly about Turner's pregnancy at all.)

Naturally, fans of the couple are already attempting to decipher the significance of "Willa"—and considering Turner starred in one of the internet's all-time favorite TV shows, it's little wonder some went hunting for a Game of Thrones connection. And it turns out the name actually appears twice in GoT, though admittedly, said appearances are pretty fleeting.

The first instance: In season 5 of the show, Willa is a young wildling girl who flees from the Free Folk village of Hardhome to Castle Black. She features in two episodes: "Hardhome" and "The Dance of Dragons," according to the Game of Thrones Wiki.

A second character named Willa appears in the show's final season, in the episode "The Last of the Starks." A serving girl at Winterfell, she takes a liking to Tormund at the feast after the Battle of Winterfell, and the pair presumably spend the night together.

Let's be honest: Both Willas have a few minutes of screen time between them, plus there are approximately 9,829,374 characters across all eight seasons of Game of Thrones, so there's a strong chance that Turner and Jonas weren't even aware their name of choice had links to the show when they landed on it. Still, it's a cute bit of serendipity, isn't it?

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