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Do Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Have a 'Game of Thrones' Castle in Their House?

Consider this a quarantine-inspired investigation.

    • In the background of one video, there appears to be a castle—begging the question: Do Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have a Game of Thrones castle in their house as a tribute to Sophie's hit HBO series?
      • Here, we do a deep dive to answer that question.

        As people around the world self-isolate to do their part to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, celebrities have been sharing more and more videos—both on social media and via more traditional media outlets like talk shows and late night shows—that give fans a glimpse inside the spaces they call home.

        Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have never been shy about letting fans into their private world, but we're getting even more looks their home life than ever now that they're quarantining together. In one recent TikTok video shared by Joe, fans couldn't help but notice a castle in the background, casually chilling in the couple's home.

        Take a look for yourself, in case you missed the video (or just the hidden background castle):

        Face, Head, Selfie, Nose, Facial hair, Child, Beard, Photography, Muscle, Smile,
        Selfie, Photography, Smile, Muscle, Facial hair, Beard,

        Let's zoom in a bit, for a better look:

        Selfie, Photography, Muscle, Smile, Facial hair,

        So, is this castle a nod to Sophie's HBO hit, Game of Thrones? Let's investigate by comparing Sophie and Joe's castle to the most iconic castles from the series.

        Is Sophie and Joe's castle Dragonstone?

        No, it's not:

        Architecture, Vehicle, Facade, City, Building,
        Dragonstone, Daenerys Targaryen’s ancestral home, compared to Sophie and Joe’s castle.

        Is Sophie and Joe's castle Winterfell?

        Definitely not:

        Fence, Architecture, Animation, Facade, Screenshot,
        Winterfell, the Stark family castle, compared to Sophie and Joe’s castle.

        Is Sophie and Joe's castle Castle Black?

        That'd be a "hell no":

        Architecture, Building, Screenshot, Facade, Games,
        Castle Black, aka the castle at The Wall, compared to Sophie and Joe’s castle.

        Is Sophie and Joe's castle The Red Keep?

        Nope, sure isn't:

        Architecture, Building, Ruins, Facade, Skyscraper, Tourist attraction, Screenshot, Metropolis, City,
        The Red Keep, better known as the Lannister stronghold in King’s Landing, compared to Sophie and Joe’s castle.

        Is Sophie and Joe's castle The Eyrie?

        Not even close:

        Architecture, Skyscraper, World, Facade, Building, Tourist attraction, Screenshot,
        The Eyrie, where Sansa Stark went with Little Finger on Game of Thrones, compared to Sophie and Joe’s castle.

        So what IS Sophie and Joe's castle?

        Our best guess, after a bit of internet sleuthing: Sophie and Joe's castle is not Game of Thrones-related at all. In fact, it's tied to a completely different magical, British fandom: Harry Potter.

        The castle visible in the background of Joe and Sophie's video appears to be a LEGO version of Hogwarts castle:

        Landmark, Architecture, Building, City, Gothic architecture, World, Facade, Metropolis, Medieval architecture, Tourist attraction,
        LEGO’s Hogwarts castle, compared to Sophie and Joe’s castle.

        And, if you want to take a cue from Sophie and Joe and beat your quarantine boredom by constructing a LEGO Hogwarts, you can—but it will cost you. The full, 6,020-piece version of the castle is sold out most places and runs for $800 on Walmart's website:

        LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043 Building Kit (6020 Pieces)
        LEGO walmart.com

        If that's too rich for your blood, smaller version is available at Target for a fraction of the price—$80, to be exact:

        LEGO Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Hogwarts Clock Tower Castle Playset with Minifigures 75948
        LEGO target.com

        We'll consider this case closed unless further evidence is presented.

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