Ariana Grande Just Answered Those Pregnancy Rumors

With a sprinkle of sass.

Ariana Grande
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Ariana Grande is busy loving, living, and picking it up with new finance Pete Davidson, but she’s still got time to expertly shut down the inevitably pregnancy rumors following her recent engagement.

Because hey, it’s 2018 and somehow a woman still can’t just get engaged and be really into someone without there being a secret pregnancy involved, obviously.

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In typical Ari style, the singer used subtle Twitter replies to confirm that the only baby on the horizon right now is the birth of her upcoming new album, Sweetener.

Responding to a fan photo of Ariana rolling her eyes with the caption: "aRiAnNA Is PreGnNanT,” the star delivered serious sass and immediately shut the stories down by responding: "mood for the next few years til i’m actually ready. #fertilequeen.”

Clearly resigned to the fact that the gossip surrounding her relationship with Davidson isn’t going anywhere any time soon, Ariana also tweeted: "Oh this shits gonna be every other week now enjoy !" to a fan who sarcastically wrote: "Ariana is pregnant again are we shocked.”

But don’t worry, there will one day be some incredibly tiny, ponytail wearing, five octave vocal crying Grande babies in the world. Ariana wrote in another tweet that she and Pete would “absolutely” have the cutest kids, but it’ll happen “innnnnnnaaaaawhile.”

One step at a time please, everyone. Let’s get excited about the wedding dress and knee high boots first.

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