Kylie Jenner Broke Her Own Ban on Posting Pictures of Stormi

Kylie Jenner just broke her own ban on posting pictures of her daughter, Stormi Webster. The star posted several pictures of the baby on Snapchat.

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As celebrity secrets go, Kylie Jenner's pregnancy (opens in new tab) was simultaneously one of the best and worst kept in history. Best in that everyone close to the Kardashian-Jenner family (opens in new tab) fervently and stubbornly refused to officially comment on the rumors. Worst in that everyone in the world knew Kylie was pregnant (opens in new tab) for months and months in spite of the KarJenner vow of silence.

Once Stormi Webster (opens in new tab) was born though, Kylie was excited to share her journey of motherhood with the world—for a while, anyway. Although Kylie was generous with her Stormi-filled social media posts at first, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul changed her mind last month. In June, Kylie deleted all pictures of Stormi (opens in new tab) from Instagram (or at least all of the pictures that showed her daughter's face).

About three weeks later, Kylie has decided that she's ready to share Stormi with the world again—but still not on Instagram. The star posted two adorable pictures of Stormi on her Snapchat this weekend.

The first, filtered in bright pink, shows Stormi cuddling on Kylie's chest and is captioned, "Nothing better."

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The other, captioned, "My little love," shows Stormi lounging in bed.

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Neither picture gives a great look at Stormi's face, of course, which might be a hint that Kylie is still hesitant to share full pictures of her daughter with the people of the internet.

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Kylie's decision to withhold pictures of Stormi from the public came to light on June 10, when Kylie posted a picture of herself and Stormi that had most of Stormi's face cropped out. When a fan pointed out the crop, Kylie replied, "Yeah I cut my baby out. I'm not sharing photos of my girl right now."

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