Kylie Jenner Just Shared Two New Pictures of Her "Angel Baby" Stormi

New mom Kylie Jenner just shared two adorable new pictures of her daughter, Stormi Webster.

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Kylie Jenner is an Instagram mom (and a "cool mom"—just ask her). She's been documenting her baby, Stormi Webster's, life since day one. Her latest Stormi 'grams show just how in love Kylie is with her little girl.

The first picture shows Stormi's legs draped over Kylie's, while Stormi sits on Kylie's lap. Both are dressed in white and the caption declares that they are "BFFs." Also, can we just pause for a moment to appreciate Stormi's perfect, chubby baby legs? TOO. CUTE.

Also, those teeny sneakers! So cute!

Next, Kylie shared another picture from the same day (based on their matching white ensembles). Both of their faces are obscured by Kylie's hair in this sweet, intimate moment where Kylie holds Stormi's hand and leans over her, lovingly.

Neither of these pictures show Stormi's adorable face, but there are plenty of pictures of Stormi's cute cheeks out there if you need your fix. Earlier this week, she posted several Snapchat videos of Stormi laughing and grinning that highlight just how impossibly cute the newborn is.

Just look. At. That. Face.

After choosing not to confirm her pregnancy until she gave birth in February, Kylie was slow to reveal the full extent of Stormi's adorableness. The first picture she shared of her daughter showed only the baby's little, perfect hand.

Kylie followed that with a long shot that still didn't really show her very bundled bundle of joy:

But once Kylie showed Stormi's face to the world, the floodgates were open—and we are forever grateful.

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