Dwayne Johnson Is Taking Credit for Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's Relationship

The Rock, also known as Cupid.

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If anyone was to look particularly great in nothing but a golden crown of leaves, a giant diaper, and accessorized with an elegant bow and arrow, it’s got to be The Rock. So that explains why he claims to have been playing Cupid in Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s new relationship.

Dwayne Johnson is taking full responsibility for the blossoming romance and wants all the credit for matchmaking the pair, apparently through his recent movie roles with both Jonas and Chopra.

It’s still yet to be revealed how the actress and singer first came to meet one another before they began dating back in May, but Johnson is fairly sure that it’s all down to him. After all, The Rock appeared alongside Priyanka in the remake of Baywatch in 2017, while he and Nick worked together on the Jumanji reboot later that year. That settles it, then. Their first flirtation MUST have been a chat about how much they love Dwayne Johnson.

When asked by Entertainment Tonight about the new couple, Johnson tactfully responded: “Are they happy?” before committing to his involvement in the romance. Having heard that they’re more than happy right now, he added: “Well then, I take credit. Baywatch and Jumanji. I did it, yes. If they’re happy.”

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Rock or no Rock, Nick and Chopra have seemingly gotten more solid in their relationship since first meeting. What started out as cute, understated dates to see Beauty and the Beast has now become traveling the world and wearing matching gold bands.

So there you have it—definitive proof that The Rock is the common denominator for all good things in life.

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