Woman to Watch: Bar Refaeli

WHY SHE'S ON OUR RADAR: The 23-year-old Israeli supermodel tours America's quirkiest pop-culture sites in Ironic, Iconic America, Bravo's travel special, inspired by Tommy Hilfiger's guidebook.

HER SHTICK: The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue show-off makes blonde hair and blue eyes exotic.

LEARNING CURVES: Despite immersing herself in Americana with her cohost (poet Rives) for the show, there are still gaps in her knowledge. Does she prefer Elvis or Little Richard? "I don't know who Little Richard is." OK, then, James Dean or Cary Grant? "I don't know who Cary Grant is [laughs], but I'm sure I'd prefer James Dean over anyone!"

MOST EMBARRASSING SEGMENT: "Rives and I had to fake a marriage in Las Vegas. We went up to the point where the priest pronounces us husband and wife. I had only known him for two days, and I had to stand with him and say, 'I take you, Rives.'"

PRETTY BABY: Refaeli started in commercials at 8 months old. "As a little girl, I was always shy, but in front of the camera I wasn't. Modeling gave me an opportunity to be someone I'm not each day."

DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL: She dates Leonardo DiCaprio--but mention him in an interview, and the brassy beauty will sink you like the Titanic.

MIND AND BODY: She speaks three languages, but when Arena voted her Best Body, she was flattered: "It's good, since that's how I make my money!"

FACE THE NATION: Who's tougher--Israelis or New Yorkers? "Israelis," says Refaeli. "They went through the army, you know."

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