Khloé Kardashian Left True at Home with Tristan and "Mommy Shamers" Had a Lot to Say

You tell 'em, Khloé.

First Annual "If Only" Texas Hold'em Charity Poker Tournament
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Hell hath no fury like a Khloé Kardashian who just wants you to let her live. Last night, the new mom hit back at “mommy shamers” who criticized her for heading out to an event while baby daughter, True Thompson, was nowhere to be seen. Shame. Of course, in reality, as the star was quick to explain, she’d chosen to attend the first annual "If Only" Texas hold-em charity poker event in California while her daughter’s father, Tristan Thompson, stayed at home and pulled his weight. Imagine that.

Khloé, who welcomed her first child back in April with basketball star Thompson, took a night off for the charity poker tournament alongside mom Kris Jenner and sisters Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. But, despite their rallying for a good cause, haters online were quick to condemn her decision to leave 3-month-old True at home.

Taking to Twitter to defend, y’know, having a life and letting the father take care of their child, Khloe wrote: “Mommy shamers r at a high right now. I'm sick, at a charity event & I'm getting slack 4being here bc I have a baby? Her dad is watching her while I'm trying 2bring awareness 2an amazing organization. But either way, what's wrong w a new mom letting daddy take over 4a few hours?”

Earlier this month, Khloé revealed just how inseparable she and baby True had been, when she admitted on Snapchat that she felt a “ton of anxiety” about her maternity leave coming to an end. On her app she told fans: ‘Going back to work after having True has definitely caused me a little anxiety… On my first day back, True was perfect while I was gone. Plus, coming home was soooo much fun – I acted like I hadn’t seen her in forever.”

After the year that she's had (oh, only a super-public cheating scandal and the aftermath, no biggie), it's probably fair to say that Khloé deserves for Tristan to step in once in a while.

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