Pete Davidson Was Asked About His Life With Ariana Grande and His Answer Is NSFW

You should probably see a doctor for that, Pete.

You really have to ask yourself whether your interest in Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s relationship is gone too far now that you’ve clicked on this headline. Yet, here we are. You want to know what this story could possibly be about, and it’s too late to turn back now. Having melted the pink carpet at the MTV VMAs with their unabashed, adorable PDA moments, Pete has swiftly made things distinctly less romantic with his latest comments—although they are hilarious, so.

The Sweetener singer and SNL comedian headed up to Auburn University after the awards this week, where Pete took part in a private Q&A with a selection of students. And boy, did he A those Qs. Although technically hosting the session as a professional entertainer, it obviously didn’t take long before someone asked an Ariana-related question. “What’s it like being engaged to Ariana?”, one attendee asked.

Things started very lovingly, regarding their whirlwind three month relationship. "It’s like what you would think it was like, but like, a 100 times sicker,” Pete replied. “It’s fucking lit. I’m a very, very lucky boy and very, very loved and I’m very lucky.” But then things took an abrupt turn.

“My dick's forever hard,” he added in good faith. It got a big laugh though so it was all worth it, and who needs romance when you could snort-laugh instead.

Luckily, the comment seemed to get the seal of approval from Grande, which is lucky seeing as she’s the one responsible. Taking to Instagram stories to show her support for Pete's appearance and compliment his sense of humor, the star wrote: “bae was funny as fuck and brilliant today as always.”

Oh, you guys, with your hard dicks and your matching sweatshirts.

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