Pete Davidson Confirms He's Engaged to Ariana Grande and "It's F*cking Lit"

Grande was reportedly backstage "jumping up and down" in excitement.

"Are Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson engaged?" and "Are Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande dating?" are both valid questions that have been asked in the past two months after Petriana/Ariete (...doesn't roll off the tongue quite like Bennifer, does it?) started hanging out together and posting suggestive Instagrams that included Harry Potter-themed dates and, you know, an engagement ring.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande in New York yesterday.
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But last night, Pete Davidson confirmed that yes (!), he is engaged to Ariana Grande during an appearance on The Tonight Show. After welcoming him on the show, Jimmy Fallon teased the SNL star, saying, "You didn’t have to get engaged to Ariana Grande to come on our show." "But I did though," Davidson responded. "I feel like I won a contest."

And, how is it? "It's fucking lit. It's so lit."

Which, duh!

Davidson also told Fallon that since news of the engagement broke, men have been tipping their hats to him in the street (like "that Derek Jeter commercial") and that one even stopped him to tell him, "Yo man, you like gave me hope."

Davidson also showed off his Ariana Grande tattoo, which Jimmy had "seen on the news":

The Tonight Show

But the cutest part of the whole thing? According to a Pete and Ariana fan account, Ariana Grande was actually at the taping (which seems likely, since the two were photographed together that day and Pete is wearing the same clothes he wore on Fallon's show) and was "jumping up and down at the screen and falling on the ground whenever they said something about her."

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Gotta love love!

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