Prince Harry Admitted That Even He Panics When He Bumps Into His Grandmother, The Queen, at Buckingham Palace

Just your average visit from Granny.

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Visits to Grandma’s house are supposed to involve cookies, talking about when you’re going to give her a great-grandchild, and maybe being slipped a few dollars for making her proud, right? Unless your grandma happens to be the Queen of England, anyway.

What with her ruling of a nation and god-given monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II isn’t exactly your average grandmother—as grandson Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex has fully acknowledged. He's admitted that even he finds himself panicking a little, if he bumps into the Queen unexpectedly at her home of Buckingham Palace. Oh, hey Grandma.

Harry recently met and chatted with a group of hospitality workers from the Caribbean, who visited the Queen’s residence in London, Buckingham Palace as part of royal documentary, Queen of the World. Speaking with his usual cheeky sense of humorThe Telegraph reports how Harry told them: “You guys have spent way more time in Buckingham Palace than I ever have – and you’ve only been here two weeks. Have you bumped into the Queen yet? If you suddenly bump into her in the corridor, don’t panic. I know you will. We all do!”

There’s really nothing like feeling a sudden sense of impending doom on your average trip to Grandma’s house.

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The “unprecedented” documentary, Queen of The World, focuses on the Queen and the Commonwealth, and is definitely set to be worth a watch when it airs in two parts later this month. As well as Harry’s hilarious revelation in his own segment, the TV special will also feature Meghan Markle’s first official TV interview since becoming a member of the royal family.

According to People, Princess Anne and Sophia, Countess of Wessex, have both given formal “sit down” interviews for the show, while an official statement confirmed that Prince Charles and Prince William will also appear for “behind-the-scenes moments with the Sovereign and other members of the Royal Family.”

Sounds good, but if we could basically just get a series of Big Brother: Buckingham Palace too, that would be really great.


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